I was scrolling through Facebook, which by the way I rarely do, and I saw a little blurb called “Forget Diets Forever”. I halfheartedly looked it over and dismissed it thinking it was just another one of those sales pitches that promises things that I’ve already tried, many, many times before.  Lose a few pounds just to gain them and a few extra more back again.

I honestly can’t tell you what made me return to reread what Forget Diets Forever was all about, but I am glad I did.  Because my first impression was WAY off!

Cathy Frost, the founder of the program, is a wonderful, enthusiastic, coach.  She is warm, and friendly, not at all like the impersonal coaches you find in other weight loss programs that give you the impression they only care about their numbers, not their people.

Cathy approaches you as a whole person with only one simple change at a time.  You’re never bombarded with a list of unattainable goals or rules to follow. As a matter of fact, you make your own rules!  You literally can have your cake and eat it too with this simple, easy to follow program!  You are never deprived and there is absolutely no guilt!  You are encouraged to believe in yourself, count your wins, big or small, and to always treat yourself better!

I love this new way of thinking, of doing, of being free of feeling guilty over past failures.

It is not a “diet” it is a seriously easy, obtainable lifestyle change.

I would recommend Forget Diets Forever to anyone who is struggling with weight loss. Especially due to slow or stalled out metabolism like I was.  This will give you a new outlook on how, not only to lose weight, but to obtain a healthier way of living and to treat yourself better.

Thank you, Cathy, I appreciate you so much! 

Janie S