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It Doesn't Matter What Size or Shape a Woman is...

Most gals want to rock it in their Skinny Jeans!

However many are finding their metabolism has slowed and the skinny jeans are not fitting
very well.

Here at Skinny Jeans Gals we believe food should be enjoyed – not avoided!  We should never feel guilty about a food choice either!

So many women are sick and tired of shedding a few pounds only to see them creep back on.  Many more
are wishing there was a simple way to boost their metabolism and just feel healthier without giving up the foods you love – Plus being able to rock it in their skinny jeans!  We can show you how!

It is time for more women to understand the science behind foods!  Over the past 30 years of research many new things have been discovered regarding foods, types of foods, calories and how our body uses and processes foods.

When women examine the science of foods, they discover that not all calories are created
equal!  Certain foods will increase energy while others will decrease metabolism.

When engaging the science behind weight loss and foods, women find they don’t need
to give up the foods they love!  By eating enough of some foods, they can enjoy – not avoid – their favorite sweets and treats!  BTW – this does not require supplements or special, out of the ordinary foods.

Of course it’s important to also consider the behavior behind eating, but unless women truly understand the science of foods and sleep, it’s very difficult to easily change the behavior.  Knowing certain types of foods will help
minimize cravings can really help the behavior aspect!

Feel free to get in touch with any question you might have – we’re here to provide you the best and most current information. You too can rock it in your skinny jeans and FORGET Diets FOREVER!

Here's what members are saying...

All I have done is to follow the easy one change a day suggestion that Cathy’s program is all about.

What it bought about before the end of that first week was increased energy that grew over the four weeks.

Week two bought me a clearer mind. All four weeks bought weight loss of 9 pounds while enjoying my birthday with a celebration glass of wine including the cake!…

Donna C


Before I joined the Easy Daily Plan to Fit into Your Skinny Jeans I had completely given up.  I hated myself and all the weight.  I felt hopeless.

My last experience was working with a personal trainer 7 days a week eating next to nothing and killing myself physically and having no time for anything other than work and working out.  I was miserable… 


Cathy approaches you as a whole person with only one simple change at a time.  You’re never bombarded with a list of unattainable goals or rules to follow. As a matter of fact, you make your own rules!  You literally can have your cake and eat it too with this simple, easy to follow program!  You are never deprived and there is absolutely no guilt!  You are encouraged to believe in yourself, count your wins, big or small, and to always treat yourself better!

I love this new way of thinking, of doing, of being free of feeling guilty over past failures…

Skinny Jeans Gals™

How Does the "Easy Daily Plan to Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans" work?
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